It is a team-oriented surf contest where 2 surfers will be grouped together and then compete through an NCAA style bracket.  The team format levels the competitive field as the median age of all contestants provides a point to divide the surfers into two pools: A younger pool and an “experienced” pool. The median age usually falls between 26-30 years old, but participants range from ages 10 to 60+!

Men, Women, and children are all welcome to compete.  Short-boards, Longboards, and Fun-boards are all welcome to compete, just no Stand-Up Paddleboards.  A maximum of 50 teams of 100 surfers will be assembled, so space will be limited.  We warmly accept suggestions concerning surfers who you think should be invited.  This surf contest is unique in that anyone with any experience can win the Classic! Yes, it does take a little luck to make it through the brackets, but all in all we look forward to celebrating our commitment to the Delaware surf scene.