Delaware’s Surfing community is one of the most dedicated and driven groups of individuals who have endured great changes to their beaches.  From chasing swell in a limited wave window with often unpredictable conditions, to facing extinction as beach replenishment suffocated the majority of their surf-breaks; these band of surfers have been hardened by their external environment of harsh elements and their internal environment of political shoreline management to evolve into one of the most surf-obsessed groups. 

It’s a lifestyle that drives these individuals into the ocean 365 days a year, searching through the crowded line-ups with the hope of finding that one wave to call their own.  It’s a way of life that drives an individual to paddle into some of the most improbable steep close-out waves on the east coast with the hope of scoring maybe one.   Whatever their goals may be, this group deserves recognition for being steadfast throughout their ever-changing situation.

Together, let's be on the ground floor of long standing tradition to celebrate Delaware's surfing community!